United Airlines pilot spotted taking a nap in first class during long-haul flight

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A United Airlines pilot was spotted taking a nap out of uniform in first class on a flight from the US to Scotland.

Passengers witnessed the unnamed pilot sleeping during the seven-hour flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Glasgow on 22 August, and one even took a picture of the incident.

The passenger responsible for the snap, a retired police officer, told the Daily Record: “Surely if pilots are in need of a rest mid-flight, they should do it away from the passengers.

“I’ve travelled to the US many times and have never witnessed this.”

He said the pilot had changed out of uniform in the toilet, slept for an hour and a half, and then changed back before radioing for access to the cockpit.

The first officer reportedly had a nap afterwards.

“Police officers get a hard time when they are photographed sleeping in a patrol car,” said the passenger.

“I don’t think the captain of a flight packed with hundreds of people should be in such a vulnerable position.”

The flight was under the control of a three-man cockpit crew, so passengers’ safety was never in question.

United Airlines said in a statement: “On transatlantic flights, pilots are required to take a rest break.

“This aircraft is operated by a cockpit crew of three and this pilot was on his rest period.”

Aviation deals website The Points Guy wrote an article backing this up, saying that on longer legs, such as those across the Atlantic, it’s actually required by law that pilots take rest breaks.

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