300 passengers stuck on Singapore Airlines at Auckland Airport after flight failed to takeoff

Singapore Airlines

Hundreds of Singapore Airlines passengers will be stuck on the tarmac at Auckland Airport until at least 7pm after their plane failed to take off because of a potential fault.

Flight SQ286 was supposed to depart at 1:30pm with 300 people onboard but failed to take off due to potential issues with the nose wheel of the aircraft, a spokesman said.

“As a result it had to be taken off the runway and it’s currently on the apron.

“The passengers are currently on the aircraft . . . we will await a report from Singapore [Airlines]. They want to look at the nose wheel and they’re going to keep the passengers on-board the aircraft at this stage.”

The flight was rescheduled for a 5pm takeoff, but that has now been pushed back to 7pm.

Auckland Airport
Emirates 406 was diverted from Auckland to Christchurch after the runway was closed at Auckland Airport. Pictured, the flight path of Emirates flight 406.

The Singapore Airlines office was contacted but refused to comment about the failed takeoff.

The airport spokesman said staff members were waiting to hear from Singapore Airlines with a “realistic ETA”.

He said earlier the runway was “closed for a short time” about 3pm, possibly to remove debris.

One plane was diverted from Auckland Airport due to the runway closure.

Emirates flight 406 from Melbourne was due to land at 3.20pm but was diverted to the Ohakea New Zealand Defence Force base, near Bulls, the spokesman said.

There were about 430 passengers on the Emirates flight, which is now expected to arrive in Auckland around 6:15pm.


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