Passengers disobeyed flight crew to open emergency exits on tourist jet from Turkey and safely escape after plane crash landed in field engulfed in smoke

Passengers on a tourist jet from Turkey disobeyed flight crew instructions and escaped from a plane engulfed in smoke after a crash landing in Kiev.

The emergency exit escape followed a hair-raising landing in appalling weather during which the plane tipped onto its right-side wing.

As it came to a standstill, the 169 passengers on board the flight from Antalya began to escape as the aircraft was engulfed in smoke.

A woman called Alexandra said: ‘The stewardess told passengers not to move, but they began to run out of the plane that had already landed.’

Passengers were said to have defied cabin crew instructions to stay put as the cabin filled with smoke

Soon after flight crew have the order to escape on slides from the emergency exits.

Alexandra said: ‘The plane collapsed on the right wing during the landing, it began to smoke.

‘It tore some seats, belts, it was already raining, but landing was allowed.’

Some accounts said wheels had broken off the plane, others that they had sunk into the soft ground.

The incident involving the Bravo plane run by UR-CPR company was at Kiev’s Zhulyany/Igor Sikorsky Airport airport.

Some passengers received injuries during the landing and escape at 20.40 local time Thursday.

Others were described as suffering shock in the incident involving an McDonnell Douglas MD-83.

One passenger Yulia in a dramatic account said: ‘Before landing those who were sitting near the wing did see smoke.

‘The speed was high, the plane was strongly shaking.

The plane smashed down onto its right-hand side, shattering parts of the wing in the crash

‘Everything was moving here and there, I had to push my legs hard against the seat in the front.

‘We were touching the tarmac already knowing that either a wing or a turbine was on fire.

‘We careered off the runway to the field.

‘We were turning round, the wing began to scratch the ground, the wheels came off.

‘Strong smoke came out, very pungent.’

She said: ‘We were the first to jump up from our seat and rushed to stewards.

‘We asked – what happened? Is it ok now?

‘She replied – perfect, run ahead, jump out!

‘We ripped out the doors, those front doors near the cockpit, and began to run out.

‘Everyone crowded near one exit.

‘Not all evacuation exits were open, then the passengers either opened or broke through the exit on the wing and began to run out on the top of the wing, people were with children…’

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