Mid-air emergency declared on British Airways flight from Houston to Heathrow

A BRITISH Airways flight from Houston to London Heathrow declared a mid-air emergency this afternoon.

Flight British Airways 196 declared an emergency during its trip from Houston to London Heathrow.

The flight tracking website said the flight was “declaring an emergency” as it passed eastwards over Wales.

The flight landed at around 1.06pm, causing other arrivals to be diverted to another runway.

AirLive said: “British Airways #BA196 landed runway 27R at London Heathrow. All landings now diverted to 27L.”

The diversion of arrivals to a second runway has since been stopped and all flights are arriving as usual.

The flight was scheduled to arrive in Heathrow at 12.25pm.

An emergency was declared on flight BA196 from Houston to Heathrow

The plane was not diverted despite the emergency.

British Airways has been contacted for comment.

A spokeswoman said: “The flight landed normally. The safety of our customers and crew is always our priority, and our pilots requested a priority landing due to an indication of a technical issue.”

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