Bizarre moment man poses for a selfie and TICKLES ‘uncontrollable’ passenger who sparked an emergency landing in Sydney – as Federal Police reveal troublemaker has been released and WON’T be charged

The drunk passenger who started a mid-air brawl before he was forcibly restrained will be released from custody without charges.

Passengers on Scoot Flight TR7 from the Gold Coast to Singapore were only an hour into their eight-hour journey Monday when the violent man sparked the fight, forcing the plane to return to Sydney where he was carted off by Australian Federal Police.

But after less than a day in custody, the man will be released back into the public as the AFP consider the incident ‘finalised’.

In a statement, the AFP deemed the passenger ‘disruptive’, with footage taken on board the flight showing three officers approaching the writhing man on the floor.

One of the officers was overheard asking: ‘Fighting and spitting, were you?’

Other passengers claimed the man was heavily intoxicated before even boarding the flight, adding that he was ‘looking for a fight’.

When a commotion escalated to punches being thrown between the man and another passenger, others stood in to break them up.

Captured on film by traveller Rico Garilli, more than a dozen others stood in to rein in the man, before subduing him with cable ties supplied by the airline crew.

Bizarrely, one of the men who helped tie the man down sought out to take a selfie with him and tickle his belly while he was restrained.

Mr Skinner told KIIS FM: ‘I woke up and saw a big crowd of people so I got up walked down the back of the plane.

‘The man was punching everyone and pushing people – he elbowed some young kid in the head.

‘I jumped on him, we held him down, he was going crazy.’

Billy added: ‘The airline just didn’t care – they were serving food while we were holding him down and zip-tying him.

‘I gave him a tickle when he was hog-tied. He was wriggling like a worm – it took five of us to hold him down. We held him until the Feds came along.’

Scoot Airlines flight attendants needed two ‘restraining kits’ and the help of five passengers to subdue the ‘unruly’ man.

A tattoo artist, Mr Garilli said the man was ‘way too drunk’ before the flight and should never have been allowed on the plane.

In self-taken footage provided to Nine News from Thailand, he said he can still vividly remember the passenger pushing a flight attendant and taking his top off.

He told Sunrise: ‘We were sitting next to him at the bar while the flight was delayed and he was putting them down.

‘Before we’d even taken off he was standing up and staff couldn’t control him. We probably shouldn’t have taken off in the first place.

‘He was prety incoherent – he was slurring his words. It was so surprising they let him on the flight – from the get-go you could tell he was just way too drunk.’

Mr Garilli, who was travelling via Singapore to Thailand with his fiancee for their wedding, said there was no real cause of the fight.

‘He was just out for a fight really… just provoking people for no reason.’

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