Korean Air flight Attendants Drag American Woman After She Refused to Move Away From Business Class, Watch Video

We can all agree that flying in a modern day could often lead to a horribly unpleasant experience. From groping at the security checkpoint to the takeoff delays, every bit could be really exhausting sometime. And it is worst when you are sharing the flight with some passengers who someway or the other manages to trouble the entire journey. In a recent moment at a Korean Air Flight, a viral video of a traveller was posted on YouTube. A woman could be seen forcibly dragged off after she allegedly refused to move away from the business class and sit in her designated economy seat.

Korea JoongAng Daily, a Korean newspaper allied with The New York Times, shows the woman passenger was battling with several Korean Air Flight attendants attempting to remove her from what could be identified as a business class before take-off from Incheon Airport. According to media reports; the 30-year-old US citizen can be heard shouting “US Marshall”, and the drama delayed the flight by an hour and 40 minutes. She repeatedly chants “Korean Air stole my passport” while she was pulled towards a wheelchair and strapped in.

Watch Video of American Passenger Dragged by the Korean Flight Attendants!

As she was removed, many travellers began to applaud. After forcibly making her sit in a wheelchair conveyance, she could be seen holding up a peace sign and screaming, “Nuclear Disarmament!” before attacking for the camera and adding, “Meanwhile at SpaceX!” The Korean air staff in a polite manner, offered her a blanket as she rolled away from the plane.

A similar incident was highlighted in April last year when a doctor was violently dragged from a United Airlines plane. However, Dr David Dao’s case was different as he was chosen to be pulled from the flight at random in favour of crew members needing transport and not because had been disobeying the crew. In that struggle, he reportedly lost two front teeth, and his nose was broken.

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