Emirates unveils its blingy new diamond-covered plane and people can’t get enough


CHECK out this Emirates plane that looks as if it’s covered in diamonds.

The airline – known for its luxurious first class section – revealed this blingy new Boeing 777 on its Instagram, and fans are loving it.

Sadly, you won’t get the chance to fly on it because it’s not actually real.

Emirates wrote on Instagram: “Presenting the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777. Image created by Sara Shakeel”.

One Instagram user wrote: “If all else fails, just add glitter.”

Another said: “Plane goals.”

The artist behind the image, Sara, is a former dentist and now an artist and creates images of regular things – that have been given a diamond-encrusted makeover.

She created the image when she was catching an Emirates flight to Milan.

Sara joked on Instagram: “So my plane has been on the news lately, confirming whether it’s real or not, so before I took off I took another picture just to let you guys knows its real.”

She added: “I truly and honestly made the diamond plane for the love of the trip and the excitement.

“Never in a million years did I know it’d end up… trending on Twitter.”

Sara also created a diamond-covered version of the Duomo cathedral in Milan when she was on her holiday there.

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