Drunk ‘hooligan’ on Russian flight hog-tied after behaving inappropriately

A passenger on an S7 flight from Bangkok to Novosibirsk had to be hog-tied after getting drunk and behaving inappropriately.

The airline confirmed the incident, which occurred on January 15. When the passenger boarded the flight, he appeared to be sober. However, during the course of the nearly eight-hour journey, he began consuming whiskey.

Cabin crew members asked him to stop, but the passenger ignored instructions. He then began behaving poorly, speaking loudly and disrupting his seatmates.

The man was then asked again by crew members, including the captain, to refrain from consuming more alcohol and stop misbehaving. The captain even threatened to make an emergency landing.

“Witnesses confirmed that the captain had warned passengers that they might need to land in China or Mongolia because of this hooligan,” a spokeswoman for the Russian Interior Ministry told The Mirror.

After refusing to cooperate, crew members with the help of the other passengers, restrained the man in the galley by tying his feet to his hands.

“In order to guarantee flight safety cabin crew members asked the man to the rear kitchen area and tried to calm him down, when he started to offend and threaten other passengers and the crew,” a spokesperson for S7 Airlines told Fox News.

“With the help of other passengers the man was restrained, however went on to behave inadequately, trying to hit his head against the floor. During the flight he was watched by a cabin crew member and a doctor.”

The man was then handed over to local police and fined for disorderly conduct upon landing.

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