Drunk British Airways passenger who BIT flier’s finger after being dumped grins in mugshot

BA passenger

A new smiling mugshot has been released of a drunk student who grounded a British Airways flight after assaulting passengers and crew.

Jeffrey ‘Tanner’ Libby caused the pilot to turn back in the middle of the Atlantic, ruining the travel plans of almost 200 passengers on the flight to Texas, US.

The 21-year-old, who had recently been dumped via text message, reached for a litre bottle of Barcadi shortly after the flight left Heathrow on December 17, 2018.

Raising his voice and swearing, the Texan started punching and kicking the seat in front of him.

Members of the plane’s crew tried to calm Libby down as he claimed the passenger in front had slid their seat back into him.

“He reached across the aisle to a female passenger, grabbing her by the arm and squeezing it,” prosecutor Olu Phillips told Isleworth Crown Court.

“She is the victim of the first assault.

“Members of the crew then came over to him.”

At this point, Libby spat at and attempted to bite BA flight stewards as they came to restrain him.

Stephen Mumford, a fellow passenger who rushed to the crew members’ aid, felt the full force of Libby’s bite when one of his fingers accidentally slid into the journalism student’s mouth.

Libby, a student at Texas Christian University, then squeezed the arm of Samantha Jackson, a BA air hostess, as she attempted to restrain him with Mr Mumford.

With eight hours of journey time left, at this point the pilot decided to turn the plane around, costing the airline hundreds of thousands of pounds in jettisoned fuel.

Detective Inspector Matt East, from the Met’s Aviation Policing Command said: “Libby’s behaviour was extremely reckless and he put the safety of the passengers and crew on board at risk.

“Not only that, but his actions caused considerable disruption and inconvenience for all those on board, and the airline had to rearrange flights for the 191 other passengers.

“Drunken, abusive and violent behaviour on board any flight is completely unacceptable. Anyone behaving in this way should know that it will not be tolerated by the crew and that they can expect to be arrested, put before the courts and could face several months behind bars.”

Libby appeared via video link from Wormwood Scrubs where he had attended Alcoholics Anonymous. His parents sat in the court’s public gallery and sobbed throughout the proceedings.

Michael Wolkind, QC, defending, said Libby had recently been dumped by his girlfriend of one year via text message.

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