Couple ‘performed sex act in full view of fellow passengers’ on Delta Airlines flight

Delta Airlines

A man and woman who were caught allegedly carrying out a sex act in full view of other passengers on board a Delta Air Lines flight could face felony charges, authorities have said.

The man, 38, and woman, 48, did not know each other before boarding the flight from Los Angeles to Detroit, say police.

The couple are said to have engaged in a sex act in their seats, with the woman performing oral sex on the man in front of fellow passengers.

One passenger on the plane told WDIV-Local 4 that “the act within itself is very inappropriate in a public space”.

She added that the duo carried out the act in full view of children, families and the elderly.

Another traveller said: “If people will go so far as to disrespect themselves and disrespect you, something should be done”.

According to WDIV-Local 4, FBI officials are investigating the incident. Sex on planes can be a felony offence in the US.

FBI officials said that the charges could come through by next Tuesday.

Earlier this year, a man and a woman made national news when they were caught engaged in an x–rated romp on a Ryanair flight.

The pair, who were captured in photos taken by a fellow passenger, had been strangers before the flight.

It later emerged that the man had a pregnant fiancée at home.

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