British dentist who was locked up in Dubai after drinking wine on plane is met by her relieved family – including her four-year-old daughter she was separated from in Gulf state – as she lands in UK

British dentist

A British mother jailed in Dubai for drinking on the plane out was met by her delighted family as she landed back in the UK. The 44 year old, who was jailed for drinking a glass of wine on a flight to the popular tourist destination, was met by her partner Gary at Gatwick Airport.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Dr Holman said: ‘I’m just so relieved to be home and can’t wait to be with my family, recover and rest.

‘It feels amazing to be free and back in a safe country. I’m just looking forward to being with my family. I want to hold all of them together and never let them go.’

Dr Holman, a dentist, was driven back to her home in Sevenoaks, Kent for a private family reunion after the eight hour flight.

Her two eldest children, Suri, nine and Noah, eight, had been staying with her in Dubai when she received a phone call telling her she was free and accompanied her on the long flight.

Dr Holman hugged and kissed her partner Gary as she emerged into the arrivals hall.Her four-year-old daughter Bibi, who was jailed with her in Dubai for three days, ran into her arms.

The mother-of-three stood in middle of arrivals hall clutching Bibi to her as others arriving of international flights stepped round her.

Dr Holman said: ‘It’s so nice to be home and see all my family. I’m tired, but so elated.’

As they left the terminal, Dr Holman was close to tears but smiled when Gary told her: ‘You’ve got a great tan.’

Earlier she had told MailOnline she had been left ‘exhausted’ by ordeal.

As she prepared to fly home for an emotional reunion with her family, she said she couldn’t wait to be back in the UK.

‘I haven’t even begun to comprehend what’s happened to me’, she said.

‘I’ve been running on adrenaline alone for the past month and I’m exhausted.’

The Kent-based dentist was told she could leave after a personal intervention by the country’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed.

Hours before she left, Dubai Government officials offered a different version of events and denied the alcohol had played any part in the arrest.

They also said she was held for less than 24 hours, but offered no explanation as to why she was given a blood test and shown her alcohol reading.

Dr Holman said she will address the statement issued by the Dubai authorities at a later time.

The Dubai statement is in direct conflict with what Dr Holman claims took place.

She said her ordeal began on July 13 after she flew to Dubai for a five-day break with her daughter Bibi.

She was involved in a dispute with an immigration official who told her to return to the UK as her visa was not valid.

In a tense standoff Dr Holman started to film the official who then demanded to know if she had drunk any alcohol on the flight.

When she told him she had red wine with her in-flight meal he said alcohol was illegal in the Muslim country and had her arrested.

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