British Airways could scrap free food on long-haul flights in the future

british airways

Complimentary on-board meals could soon be a thing of the past

The airline said that after a “rough start”, the move has worked well on short haul flights – and could for be an option for long-haul flights for the future, although there are no firm plans at present, according to the Standard.

Earlier this year, British Airways scrapped free food on European short-haul flights, and replaced it with buy-on-board options from Marks & Spencer.

While some customers felt that scrapping complementary food may make the service feel like a ‘no-frills’ budget service, Alex Cruz, the airline’s chairman, said the move was now working well after a bumpy start.

According to the Telegraph, he told the Sunday Times: “It’s going great. Customers say to us: ‘Finally, I have good choices. No more chicken or beef’.”

Asked if the service could be extended to long-haul economy flights, he said: “We might do it”.

Currently, on British Airways’s longest routes, customers receive two hot meals included in the flight price. On long-haul flights under eight and a half hours, economy ticket fliers receive one meal.

According to the Independent, British Airways said in a statement: “Two years ago, we introduced an additional option for pre-paid meals for those economy customers wanting a more varied menu. There are low-cost long-haul airlines around the world that offer buy-on-board catering and customers who value the option of seat-only fares.

“Like most companies, we don’t stand still and we are very focused on what customers want. We have no plans currently for a buy-on-board economy product on long-haul, but if that is what interests customers of the future, we will listen.”

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