British Airways pilot ‘used oxygen mask and 5 crew were sent to hospital over fears toxic fumes had leaked into plane cabin’

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A pilot on a British Airways flight had to use an oxygen mask and five crew members were sent to hospital after fears toxic fumes had leaked into the cabin.

The fumes had leaked into the jet cabin of an Airbus A320 at 20,000ft, which had 200 people on board.

The crew of the plane had complained about the smell on the British Airways flight 2960 as it flew from Gatwick to Glasgow on Tuesday, according to The Sun.

After landing, engineers reportedly examined the jet and declared it safe, but on the return trip the stench was so strong that the first officer had to put an oxygen mask on to maintain safety.

It was then at Gatwick Airport, that five cabin crew were taken to A&E for check-ups.

In a statement to the MailOnline, British Airways said: ‘Safety is always our driving force and determines everything we do.

‘The aircraft is being thoroughly inspected before it is returned to the operation.

‘We would not operate an aircraft if we believed it posed a health or safety risk to our customers or crew.’

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