British Airways passenger furious after airline ‘moved daughter to WEE-soaked seat to make room for VIP customer’ on 7-hour flight

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A PASSENGER on British Airways claims that her daughter was given a seat that was soaked in wee during a seven-hour flight.

To add insult to injury, she claims that the airline moved her to make way for a VIP customer and refused to bring a cleaner on board as it would delay the flight – despite the alleged stench – though BA deny this.

Ann alleged that the seat next to her was covered in urine

Ann Fretts from Boston was on a two-leg flight from Rome to Logan in Boston, via Heathrow, with her daughter on November 18 when she was offered the offending seat.

She told Sun Online Travel: “My daughter and I had a horrendous day on two British Airways flights. We had reserved seats on board the seven hour flight from Heathrow back home to Logan International Airport in Boston.

“My daughter’s seat was unusable as it was covered in urine which was all over the seat, floor and wall. There was a really bad smell of it, too.”

British Airways have confirmed to us that there was a smell coming from the floor, but deny that there was anything on the seat.

Ann said that the seat was covered in blankets to mask the alleged smell of wee

She continued: “When I alerted staff, they confirmed that the smell was urine.”

Ann’s daughter was moved, and the wee-covered seat was covered with blankets, which didn’t mask the smell.

She said: “I was sat next to the seat and had stay there for the duration of the flight.”

Ann claimed that she asked the flight attendants to get the seat cleaned by a professional team, but was told that it wouldn’t be possible as it would delay the flight.

Instead, Ann said the area was sprayed with an anti-odour spray that she alleged to have irritated her nose and throat.

She claims she developed a cough as a result of breathing in the fumes from the spray.

She added: “I wore my polo-neck as a mask over my nose and mouth for most of the flight.”

Ann also said that she asked to get off the plane and get onto another flight, but she wasn’t allowed by staff.

Once the flight took off, she claimed that the on-board entertainment system in her daughter’s seat was “rendered useless” as it had had red wine spilled all over it by the passenger sitting there before.

Ann alleged: “There was sparks coming out of and there was static when the headphones were plugged in – and no sound came out of the headphones.

“My daughter is an anxious flyer and would have liked the distraction of being able to watch a film but she wasn’t able to.”

Anne claims there were also problems on the previous BA flight from Rome to Heathrow.

Ann said: “We had paid an extra $168 (£131) to reserve the seats wanted on top of the cost of the flights.

“But when we got on the plane, our seats had been unbooked and we were instead put into middle and window seats that we had paid to avoid.

“We were told by staff to sit there, or get off the plane.”

Ann contacted BA when she got back to Boston to ask for a full refund for the flights and was told by the company that they would refund her the extra reservation charge of $168 (£131) for the seats that she and her daughter weren’t able to sit in.

She said was also offered 10,000 air miles, but declined it and reiterated that she wanted her money back instead.

Ann claimed that as of yet, British Airways have yet to refund her the money.

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