British Airways jet is sprayed with foam after brakes overheat on landing at Kiev, sparking fears the engine was on fire

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A British Airways jet has been sprayed with foam after its brakes overheated on landing in Kiev, sparking fears the engine was on fire.

Pictures show the aircraft on the tarmac in the Ukrainian capital this morning after emergency crews had been scrambled to deal with the alert.

Fire crews raced to the scene after the plane had landed following a flight from Heathrow and doused the aircraft in foam.

Passengers were led to safety and footage shows emergency crews hosing down the plane.

A Twitter user said that he believed nobody had been hurt and that BA had claimed the delay was due to a ‘technical issue’.

A British passenger who was preparing to board the plane told MailOnline: ‘Through the massive glass windows we could see the Ukrainian fire department spraying the plane with foam and smoke coming from the engine.

Fire crews raced on to the tarmac after the flight had landed following a flight from Heathrow and doused the aircraft in foam

‘It was very unsettling as we all knew all the passengers were all still on board, we didn’t get any updates and were very worried for them all.

‘I was supposed to board the plane but am now having to stay in Kiev another night whilst they work out what is going on.

‘It’s really not good as I have a flight that I need to catch tomorrow which I will now miss. There are no BA representatives helping but I have to say the Ukrainian airport staff have been amazing with keeping everyone calm and trying to arrange alternatives.’

According to The Sun, BA said in a statement today: ‘Our flight landed normally and customers disembarked as usual.

‘The safety of our customers and crew is always our priority, and the fire service was asked to attend the aircraft after one of its brakes overheated.’

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