British Airways flight from London to Mumbai makes emergency landing in Azerbaijan

A British Airways flight carrying 214 people from London to Mumbai has made an emergency landing at an airport in Azerbaijan after its engine failed.

The captain of flight BAW199 requested an emergency landing at Baku’s Heydar Aliyev airport after a failure of the left engine on the Boeing-777, the airport said.

The airline said in a statement that the decision to divert the plane was made ‘following a technical issue.’

The plane landed safely at around 6.30am local time on Thursday and no-one was hurt.

The passengers were taken to the airport’s transit zone and were given food and drink, according to the airport.

A British Airways spokesman told MailOnline on Thursday afternoon that a replacement aircraft will land in Baku shortly.

However, Twitter users complained that they were not being updated on their situation by the airline and also about the lack of food and drink being offered to stranded passengers.

One passenger said that since landing in Baku, the airline’s staff have yet to provide information.

‘Since we disembarked not a single member if the BA crew has bothered to show their faces or check about the passengers , provide information, check if any old people or children are unwell. Frankly shocking.’

Another passenger also claimed there was ‘absolutely no support for passengers.’

‘Flight 199 from LHR to Mumbai stranded in Azerbaijan after engine failure. Info: 12h delay!!!! Absolutely no support for passengers.

‘BA: You need to work with local airlines to get food/ water and more information to your passengers!’

A British Airways spokesman told MailOnline that passengers have been offered two meals while they wait.

‘We understand our customers’ frustrations at the delay after the Captain took the decision to divert the aircraft following a technical issue,’ she said.

‘Safety is always our first priority.

‘A replacement aircraft will land in Baku shortly, so that we can get our customers on their way. We have offered them two meals during the wait to make them as comfortable as possible.’

It is understood that passengers have been informed via text message about the replacement flight.

Visa restrictions means the local immigration service has not permitted them to leave the airport building.

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