British Airways flight from Gatwick to Ibiza aborts take off and four passengers are hauled off by police after a FIGHT breaks out on board as it taxis to the runway

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A British Airways flight from Gatwick to Ibiza was delayed for two hours after a fight broke out on board. Four passengers were arrested while a fifth hid in the toilet after a row between passengers turned violent last night.

It is understood the aircraft was due to take off from the Sussex airport when a dispute broke out just before 10.30pm on Thursday.

Airline staff called for back up with the pilot forced to turn the plane round and back to the gate before it could even take off.

Police were waiting for the four culprits – including one who was set to be hiding in the loo.

Passenger Simon Dunmore tweeted: ‘Fight on the flight from Gatwick to Ibiza. Take off aborted.

‘Flight returned to the gate. One guy hiding in the toilet. Fourt guys escorted off the plane by her majesty’s finest police.

Then he quipped: ‘BA has seriously upped it’s in flight entertainment game!’

Another passenger posted an image of police on the plane claiming the group of men were together but fighting each other ‘as the plane was about to take off’.

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