British Airways crew can buy unused alcohol on flights at a serious discount – and they’re partying hard on layovers

BRITISH AIRWAYS staff have reportedly been told off for partying too hard during layovers.

Crew are allowed to buy unused booze from long-haul flights at a heavily discounted price – which often leads to partying while away from home.

According to the Sunday Times, staff can buy six spirit miniatures for £3 and the equivalent of a bottle of wine for £3.60.

The newspaper has reported that concerned BA bosses recently sent a memo to cabin crew warning against any bad behaviour while at well-known party location like Las Vegas and Johannesburg.

They say that culprits are a small minority of mixed fleet cabin crew – who were employed post-2010 and are often much younger than other BA flight attendants.

Naughty behaviour allegedly includes a female flight attendant running around a hotel naked during a game of dare and another member of staff was caught trying to steal an expensive koi carp from a hotel pond.

BA bosses reportedly sent a memo to cabin crew warning against any bad behaviour while on location (Images: GETTY – CONTRIBUTOR)

A pilot told the newspaper: “It’s more Towie than the old British Airways way.”

A staff memo from by Ian Romanis, BA’s head of mixed fleet said: “These colleagues placed their own jobs at risk, jeopardised the relationship with some of our hotel partners and potentially tarnished the reputation of British Airways cabin crew.

“Additionally, these examples impacted our ability to deliver the service our customers expect on the return flights to London.”

BA has denied the incidents though – telling Sun Online that they have had no reports of the incidents described.

Read more at: The Sun

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