British Airways passengers terrified after ‘huge bang’ caused plane to ‘lose balance’ forcing emergency landing at Amsterdam

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A British Airways plane was forced to make a swift landing after terrified passengers claim an engine caught fire minutes after take off last night.

Passengers praised the crew of flight BA0344 from Amsterdam to London for landing safely after the dramatic event, but others slammed the airline as they claim they were put at risk.

British Airways denies there was a fire and a spokesman said there was a “technical issue” with the engine after a passenger reported hearing a bang.

One passenger, Haya Langerman, told the Sun Online the flight last night was delayed for four hours after a bird had flown into the plane and engineers had to check it over.

She said they were given the ok and took off just before 10pm, having been due to fly at 5.55pm.

The 47-year-old scientist said: “I was sitting at the exit seat halfway up, I smelt smoke and then I saw it, then I told the stewardess who was sitting next to me.

“She called the pilot and she was told to come to him.

“A second later there was a big explosion sound and then it went quiet and then I saw fire coming from the right engine of the plane.

“The plane starting losing balance and air pressure – the air masks didn’t drop.

“It was absolutely terrifying, everyone was in absolute panic.

“It took a few minutes for them to actually switch off the engine and they said they hoped they would be able to land with the one engine.

“Those minutes you can think only about if you are going to land safely, what’s going to happen.

“It was absolutely horrendous.”

A passenger tweeted: “Any system in place for people stranded in Amsterdam after delay and engine fire? No hotels, flights, help or care.”

Another said: “@British_Airways pathetic treatment to passengers after engine caught fire. We have to book both hotel and flight ourselves.”

Tom Taborsky tweeted: “Your plane leave with a poorly fixed engine and catches fire. No after-support given. Is that responsible?”

Haya also said BA told shaken passengers they were unable to help them with hotel bookings as many of the hotels were full.

She said she had only just got home to London just after 1pm today, and said the travellers had been asked to sort out their flights to Heathrow.

She tweeted this morning: “British airways flight Amsterdam to London: engine caught fire, negligence and poor safety regulations put 180 lives in serious risk.”

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