7 really unusual airlines and in-flight services around the world

Taking a flight these days might have been quite common means to reach your destination in a short time, owing to our busy and fast lives. But there are loads of services that are associated with this means of travelling, and few can be quite exotic and opulent. It’s a well-known fact that flights from the middle-east like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airlines provide the best of luxuries on their planes, from fine dining facilities to air-showers. However, there some airlines that are quite quirky and others that offer some unusual services, here are seven of them.

This airline has bikini-clad flight attendants

bikini performances
But one must remember, these ‘bikini performances’ are not a standard practice on all their flights. (Source: Viet Jet/ Youtube)

While air-hostesses are usually associated with smart and elegant formal wears, an airline company from Vietnam has attendants in sensuous bikini and stockings. Yes, VietJet Aviation, country’s only privately-owned airlines where the stewardess has right to wear anything, from a sexy swimsuit to traditional ao dai, says CEO. The flight attendants also double up as calendar models. According to their CEO who is set to be the first female billionaire in the country, the in-flight outfit is a symbol of empowerment, amid country’s conservative image. But one must remember, these ‘bikini performances’ are not a standard practice on all their flights – it’s more like a bonus on certain specified routes.

Nude flights

The flight services were cancelled due to “moral objections.” (Source: Trendhunter)

And if think stewardess in a swimsuit is the most bizarre thing, then you are wrong. Yes, in 2008 a German airline company OssiUrlaub.de launched services where passengers could disrobe a thousand miles up in the air. The service was offered for a summer day trip from Erfurt in eastern Germany to Usedom, a popular resort town in the Baltic Sea. Passengers had to board the flight fully clothed, however, later could go nude. Though it wasn’t first nude aeroplane in the world, it was certainly first in Germany. Reports suggest there was another nude airline named the ‘Naked Air’ which flew from Houston Texas in 2003. However, none of these planes flies today.

Massage on flight

Relax and replenish while you fly
Relax and replenish while you fly! (Source: Air Malta)

Long flights can be quite taxing, and setting in an upright position with little space to stretch your legs is quite tiring. Haven’t you thought, a massage service on flights is a must! Well, then it does exist. In 2015, Air Malta launched “The Sky Spa – the first ever free in-flight spa” for their passengers travelling in economy class. Two professional therapists welcomed passengers and offered various services from neck and head massage and beauty treatments.

‘Meet and Seat’ — chose your co-passenger

You can customise the profile details you want to share with other passengers and add your travel details. (Source: KLM.com)

Yes, in the age on Tinder when one swipes right to check out who they would love to know, KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s too has incorporated social media in their flying experience. “With Meet & Seat, you can view other passengers’ Facebook or LinkedIn profile details and see where they’ll be sitting – long before your flight leaves the ground,” the website says. So, more like a date up in the air?

Flight with massage chairs, Michelin-star menu and tablets for all passengers


Trans-Atlantic flights can be a nightmare for most travellers owing to the distance and time, but with La Compagnie, many passengers have their best in-flight experience ever. And why not, the 100 per cent business-class cabin with seats that recline to a “175-degree angle with a built-in massage feature” it’s certainly comforting. The airline that flies between New York and Paris that provides “anti-allergenic pillows, large soft blankets” along with the “personal tablet at your disposal” let you use it for both work and pleasure. And for gastronomical sophistication, there’s wine tasting to menus crafted by Michelin-starred chef Christophe Langree.

‘Skycouch’ the best travel means on Economy class

From families travelling with kids to couples seeking privacy this is loved by all. (Source: Air New Zealand)

If you thought ‘lie-flat beds’ were only available for people travelling in business class, then it’s not so. Thanks to Air New Zealand’s innovative Skycouch, anyone travelling on the economy too can have a comfortable journey by lying down while flying. From couples, who prefer little privacy to parents travelling with little ones and elderly passengers — it’s quite an amazing option for all. The Skycouch which were initially introduced as ‘cuddle class’ is basically a row of three economy seats that together create a flexible space. “It’s like having your very own couch on the plane,” the company says.

Hello Kitty-themed airplanes

eva air
From famous Hello Kitty to other cartoon character, their planes are just adorable. (Source: EVA Air/ Twitter)

YES, if you thought cartoon and anime characters are only for kids and flight experiences cannot be cute or colourful, you have to fly by this Taiwanese airline. All their planes are painted with that famous Kitty and many of her friends that now include — Bad Badtz Maru, The Lazy Egg — Gudetama. From cabin amenities to meals, are Kitty-themed and even the napkins and headrest cover are painted with the symbol. The flight attendants too wear cute pink aprons and greet the guests. All in all a fun experience for kids indeed, but also for the little child inside you too to relive your childhood days.

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