Woman traveling to see her dying mother, removed from United Airlines plane

United Airlines

A woman travelling to visit her dying mother was removed from a United Airlines plane, after her ticket was cancelled without her knowing.

Carrol Amrich of Pueblo, Colorado, found out earlier this month that her 80-year-old mother, Dixie J. Hanson, had been taken to hospital in Minnesota. But as Amrich could not afford a plane ticket to travel to her mother’s bedside, her landlord, Ines Prelas, purchased the $585 (£415) ticket for her using the online travel agency Traveler HelpDesk.

Soon after reserving the seat, Carrol Amrich was told her mother was suffering from heart failure and may not live through the night, at which point Ines Prelas called United and switched the ticket to a flight that afternoon, paying a fee of $75 (£53) for the change.

The pair rushed to the airport – about an hour from Pueblo – and Amrich was able to check in, board the plane and take her seat. But minutes before take-off, a gate official came onto the plane and escorted her off the flight, allegedly telling her “nobody flies for free”, the New York Times reported.

Because Amrich’s landlord had modified the flight by contacting United direct, Traveler HelpDesk was not aware of the situation and voided the ticket. Traveler HelpDesk has said that the ticket was cancelled to protect Amrich from possible fraud.

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