The sinks on Ryanair’s new Boeing 737 Max planes are ‘so tiny fliers can only wash one hand at a time’ (and some passengers have become stuck in the 24in-wide bathrooms)


Bathrooms on planes aren’t known for their generous proportions – but on the new Boeing 737 Max they are reportedly so small that passengers have become stuck in them and the sinks are so tiny fliers can only wash one hand at a time.

The bathrooms on the aircraft, which Ryanair has invested heavily in, are so small that American Airlines flight attendants – AA flies three Max planes – have even formally complained about them to their CEO.

They said that when both doors to the lavatories at the back of the plane are open crew in the galley beyond can’t reach passengers and the water from the faucets splashed on to anybody trying to wash their hands, because of the sink size.

The sinks on the new Boeing 737 Max are so small that fliers can only wash one hand at a time. This picture was taken by The Points Guy, who said he saw someone become physically stuck in the loo

The LA Times reported that this issue was brought to the attention of American Airlines Chief Executive Doug Parker recently.

The newspaper said that the issue with the faucets has been solved, by the water flow strength being reduced, but that the crew access problem is still being worked on.

When travel expert The Points Guy flew on a 737 Max recently he said he saw two passengers ‘get physically stuck in the bathroom, having to contort themselves in order to exit the tight space’, which measures just 24 inches width-wise.

He added: ‘After squeezing out, one passenger joked to the other passenger that he should choose carefully which direction he wanted to enter the bathroom — forward or reverse — as there’s no way to turn around once inside.’

Boeing 737 Max

The new MAX fleet is designed to be a more fuel-efficient version and replaces Boeing’s previous 737 model, which has been a best-seller for the aerospace giant

MailOnline flew on Norwegian’s delivery flight of its first Max aircraft and also found the bathrooms to be incredibly small – ‘not big enough to turn around in’.

Norwegian has ordered 110 of the aircraft and Ryanair has also ordered 110, with the first to be delivered in 2019.

Flydubai has ordered 251, Southwest Airlines 200 and American Airlines 100.

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