Passengers’ terror as fire erupts on packed plane when portable power unit ‘explodes’

THIS is the terrifying moment fire broke out on a crowded plane yesterday after a portable power unit suddenly “exploded”.

Flames and smoke were filmed engulfing the economy class cabin of the flight from Moscow to Volgograd soon after it landed.

A shocking footage shows passengers around the burning seats seemingly calm and as they attempt to put out the flames.

But other reports say there was panic on the aircraft, and all passengers were evacuated from the Aeroflot flight.

Some used emergency slides to leave the Airbus A320, it was reported.

A crew member used a fire extinguisher and a bottle of water to put out the burning seats at the airport in Volgograd where England open their FIFA World Cup campaign against Tunisia on 18 June.

Panicked passengers pass bottles of water to those close to the flames
Many of the travellers onboard appeared calm during the ordeal

One passenger said: “We were already standing between the seats, and a charging unit began to smoke and soon it was burning.

“The fire was put out in less than a minute. But a couple of passengers began to panic.

“Somehow they released the emergency slides and some people did use them to get out of the plane.

“Others inside the cabin did not panic at all and left the plane normally by the usual steps.”

Airline sources said no passengers were injured in the incident.

In the 49 second video, people are heard coughing from the smoke fumes while others shout “water” in Russian.

Several people are seen passing water to those putting out the blaze.

A member of the flight crew with the fire extinguisher asks: “What was it?”

A male passenger replied: “Power bank, charging unit”.

A voice is heard saying: “It’s ok, a fire extinguisher is here, it’s over.”

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