Lufthansa flight from Munich to Charlotte declares EMERGENCY over UK

A LUFTHANSA flight heading to the US has declared an emergency at 30,000ft over the UK. The LH428 flight from Munich in Germany to Charlotte, US has made a U-turn over Scotland after making the emergency call.

It was reportedly diverting to Glasgow, but live tracking data shows it has now changed course and is heading over and out of England.

It is flying south-east at a low altitude 15,000ft, suggesting it is returning back to Munich.

AirLiveNet reports the low altitude may by “due to fuel dumping or pressurisation”.

The German carrier had initially departed Munich 25 minutes late at 12.39pm (local time) and was due to arrive in North Carolina at 4.25pm (local time).

The Airbus A330 was flying over Scotland at 1.15pm when the pilot made a “7700” squawk alert – which means a general emergency.

It is still not known what the emergency is.

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