British Airways crew member arrested on suspicion of raping an air stewardess while off duty after flight from London to Singapore

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A British Airways crew member has been arrested on suspicion of raping an air stewardess after an off duty drinks party while on a stopover in Singapore.

BA sources said the incident took place earlier this week following a 12-hour flight from London’s Heathrow Airport to Singapore.

After making the rape allegation, the stewardess, said to be a senior female flight attendant, was moved from the usual crew hotel The Jen Tanglin in the city and given a room at a separate hotel.

The two crew members involved in the incident were unable to continue with the scheduled flight with the other crew from Singapore to Sydney in Australia.

It is believed the crew member is still in police custody.

Rape in Singapore can carry a maximum prison sentence of up to 10 years as well as 12 lashes of a cane.

A BA insider said: ‘There was an incident involving a female and male crew member. He is in police custody and she was moved to another hotel.

‘BA had to send out a manager and replacement crew so the flight to Sydney could continue and manage the crisis.’

The staff involved are believed to be part of the airline’s ‘Mixed Fleet’ crew which is mostly made up of young stewards and stewardesses.

They are usually on lower wages than more senior crew.

Last year BA managers warned mixed crew fleets in a letter that drunken antics were gettng so bad that they were affecting the airline’s reputation and ability to deliver a first class service to passengers.

A BA spokesman said: ‘We are co-operating with the police investigation and are offering our full support to our cabin crew. As it is a live investigation we won’t be commenting further.’

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